The expanding circle / The spiral of history

A.D. 1524

“Fuck Switzerland. Long life to the free cantons! Long life to our home: Canton of Fribourg.”

A.D. 2014

“Fuck the EU. Long life to the free European countries! Long life to our home: Switzerland.”

A.D. 2492

“Fuck the world. Long life to the free continents! Long life to our home: European Union.”


The above text was inspired by a comment on a video titled The European Union (anthem). Numerous nationalists have left their comments there, agitating against European integration.

TogetherUnited in diversity

I think that European integration is a good thing, as long as the principle of subsidiarity is taken into account. (The principle of subsidiarity states that a matter should be handled by the smallest, lowest, or least centralized authority that is capable of addressing that matter in an effective way). If this principle remains the basis of European integration, I wouldn’t mind if European Union becomes a federal state one day.

See examples of how the principle of subsidiarity is applied in Switzerland, which is also a federal state: (jump to 5m 40s mark)


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  1. I’ve posted the same issue of European federalism to Reddit for discussion. Check it out if you are interested:

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