This is my personal blog. It’s now somewhat separate from the rest of this website.

This website started out as a blog about personal development and transformation. The essence of life is change. Nothing ever stays the same. Hence the title The Changing Ways.

I was writing mostly about psychological phenomena – like motivation, focusing on priorities, living in the now, etc. Later, however, I realized that there can be no personal development without physical health and that various psychological challenges can actually be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and other health factors. So, I started writing about health and wellness, too.

This blog will be updated at least once per month (Quote of the Month) and no more than twice per week. If you would like to follow this blog, you can subscribe to RSS feed by clicking on this link: Entries RSS

Posts on this blog are put into the following categories:

Personal development – posts about personal development and transformation in general
Healthy living – posts about health and wellness
My life – posts about my life, relevant to the topic of this site
Quote of the Month – each month a new inspirational quote with my commentary
Social change – since no man is an island, I will occasionally write about this topic, too

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