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  1. Very interesting site. I believe I may have some of the blue prints you are talking about for the RBE. The more I think through the scenarios, i believe this is inevitable given the nature of the monetary system. I would like to discuss with you some of the myths associated with why this would not only be possible but a must for humans and all life to prevent the disaster we are approaching.

    Let me know if you are interested. I am staring and devoting much time to the RBE blue prints.

    Bill Jennings

    • Thank you, Bill.

      Of course, I am interested in any realistic transition plan for the evolution of RBE (resource-based economy). This “blueprint” has to answer this important question: How do we smoothly transition from our current system to RBE?

      I invite you to write a guest post about this subject. If the post will be of enough quality, I will post it on this blog, even though I may not agree with it. Exposing yourself to a wide range of views and discussing them is what makes us grow.

      I cannot pay for guest posts, but you can add a link to your website, if you want.

      P.S.: Obviously you have read my post “Review of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” where I mention RBE. Check other parts of that series here:

  2. Joel Stephens

    Subject: Technology addiction page suggestion


    I’d like to suggest a resource to include here –

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    Here’s the link –

    I’m sure you’ll agree that technology addiction is an increasing problem, particularly among younger people and can be just as damaging as many other forms of addiction. With this in mind we are keen to raise awareness of the issue and the possible solutions.

    Perhaps you can help us to raise awareness by including a mention of our guide on your page?

    Thank you in advance.


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