Useful links

Here are a few health and personal development links that I find useful:

In English

  • Eckhart Tolle – an excellent author, if you are looking for inner peace; don’t take his teachings or terminology too seriously though, unless you are a fan of New Age (read this post for more information).
  • – natural health website with lots of articles and other free information. This site advocates and sells a variety of alternative medicine treatments and dietary supplements.
  • GratitudeLog – a cheesy, yet awesome website where you can express your daily gratitude and connect with likeminded people. Alleged to be the happiest place on the Internet.
  • PhilosophersNotes – summaries of the greatest personal growth books ever. The essential teachings of each book are condensed into a 6-page PDF and 20-minute MP3. This is not a full substitute for the original book, but it helps you find the ones that resonate with you the most. You can get three summaries for free.

In Slovene (my first language)

  • Dih-hoja – vadba dih-hoje (breathwalk); korake uskladimo s točno določenimi vzorci dihanja, tapkanjem prstov in meditativnim ponavljanjem zlogov, kar pozitivno vpliva na telesno in duševno zdravje.
  • – vse o aditivih v pijačah in prehrambenih izdelkih. Objavljeni so podatki o nevarnosti posameznih aditivov in zbirka podatkov o izdelkih, ki jih vsebujejo.

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