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What’s your excuse?

When I first watched this video I was just amazed at how brilliant it is. The whole video is filled with nothing else but excuses of all kinds. Nothing else is said, however everybody gets the message, which is communicated through the visual and the tone of voice at the end. The company’s slogan at the end fits in very nicely, but is not even necessary for understanding the point that this video makes.

We all do it. Make excuses, I mean. As if the world is not yet filled with enough real obstacles to deal with, we invent our own. We invent imaginary obstacles, so that we can keep lying to ourselves and to others that we really wanted to do something but it was out of our reach. We just couldn’t do it. We are excused then.

However, it is a lie. If we really wanted to do something, we would do it, no matter what. We might not do it very good or effective, we might not even succeed at all, but we would do it anyway. Just like this guy in the video: if he wants to play basketball, he will play basketball. It may not be the basketball that we normally think of, but he will play basketball. And he is even good at it.

Why do we make excuses? Why don’t we say instead: “I changed my mind. I don’t think that goal is worth the effort. I guess I don’t want it enough”?

Well, I think we rather have excuses, so that we don’t have to ask ourselves what our real goals are then. If that was not what we really wanted, then what is? Maybe we are afraid of the answer that we don’t even have any real goals in life. But having real goals is equally scary. Choosing our goals and committing to them makes us responsible to ourselves and others. We don’t want that responsibility. We would rather stay with our little excuses.

What do you think about all of this? Leave a comment below.